5.9L 12 Valve 2nd Gen. Race3 Honed 150Hp (A.K.A. Dragon Fly)

5.9L 12 Valve 2nd Gen. Race3 Honed 150Hp (A.K.A. Dragon Fly)



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Model: 1994-1998 5.9L; Industrial Injection 5.9L Cummins 12 Valve 2nd Gen. Race3 Honed x 4 150HP (A.K.A. Dragon Fly); 5.9L 12 Valve 2nd Gen. Race1 Honed X 2 62 LPM; New Genuine OE 150HP for your 12V Dodge Cummins. Horsepower increase of 150hp; No core required, keep your old injectors. Includes 1.5mm copper washers (D3920174); ; -.5mm copper nozzle washers sold separately (D3930324); -Return line washers are sold separately. (DPE602); -Injector dust seal sold seperately (D3909356); ; Sold Individually, must purchase 6 to make complete set.; ; These injectors are great for moderate performance gains. These injectors were designed to go with a built 12mm DFLY P7100 fuel pump and will support 700hp. We recommend running one of our single PhatShaft Viper series turbos (VPS63FMW80) or for insane performance and drivability/heavy towing use our PhatShaft towing compounds (IIS2GATP) good for 800hp.;

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