Reman 7.3L AB Powerstroke Race1 120Cc Exchange 50-60Hp Exchange

Reman 7.3L AB Powerstroke Race1 120Cc Exchange 50-60Hp Exchange



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Model: 1998-1999 7.3L; Reman 7.3L AB Powerstroke R1 Exchange; Our Ford 7.3L remanufactured injectors are built with all new internal fuel plungers, nozzles/nozzle springs and OE internal and external O-ring kits. Each oil valve is remanufactured to OE specs and measures at .004" armature clearance (We don’t shim our oil valves). After the precision assembly process, each injector is calibrated on our state of the art Hartridge HA230 injector calibrator to insure a true 4cc cylinder to cylinder fuel delivery.; ; Injector Build Specs R1/120CC; -27LPM Extrude Honed Nozzle (15% over stock); -Stock Split-Shot Plunger;

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