Ford 6.0L Industrial Injection Fuel Injector R7

Ford 6.0L Industrial Injection Fuel Injector R7



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Model: 2003-2007 6.0L; The R4-R7 injectors are designed and built with new manufactured DLC coated Hybrid injector plungers/Bodies.; Our 6.0L Ford Hybrid injectors/Hybrid Bodies are the real deal!! Precision CNC machined from aircraft bearing steel billets they're designed from scratch to put you in the winner's circle. These aren't cobbled over, honed to something stupid & welded on out in the shed like those other pieces of Junk. Industrial's 6.0's are MIL spec hardened, ground to tolerances those other company's don't even understand! they're then fitted to within 1/100th of an inch (the thickness of your hair). Yup, DLC comes standard, too! That's "Diamond Like Carbon", not that ancient gold coating (TiNi) that was obsolete before Henry rolled the first "A" off the line. This DLC stuff is some really hard, slick man shit! You can bet your bottom dollar these Industrial beauties will be the best part of that 6.0L engine under the hood. It is Industrial Injections promise that you won’t have to change your oil after every run. If you belong in the winner's circle, this product is for you!; The R7 Injectors are built with a custom manufactured DLC coated 7.5mm plunger/hybrid body (Stock plungers measure 6.34mm) and a 200% new factory aftermarket nozzle tip. We recommend these injectors for the ford competitor that wants put the smack down to Dodge and Chevy competitors. These injectors can supply enough fuel volume to support 1100hp. It is highly recommended that when running these injectors, you have enough air and turbo boost volume to support the fuel these beasts produce. Custom tuning is required when running the R7 Series 400cc injector. All of our 6.0L performance Injectors are built using OE Fuel injectors. OE fuel injectors are all built with new electronics/End Cap & plug ends, New spool valves, new DLC coated plungers and new Nozzles. We only use the best!!; *Injector Notes For Tuning/Custom Chip Programmers*; -Flows 400cc; -200% Over stock new factory aftermarket nozzle; -7.5mm Hybrid plunger body; -Max lift plunger cuts and oil intensifier stroke (call for details or custom specs); -Plungers are fitted and air gauged (no fuel in the oil problems); ; *NOTE* When purchasing or installing these injectors it is required for warranty, that you run a regulated fuel return kit that insures a regulated fuel pressure of 65 PSI. The regulated fuel return kit for the 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Super Duty is an important part of the fuel system upgrade process. This kit Eliminates the "dead-head" stock fuel rails and provides adjustable fuel pressure capability to the Powerstroke fuel system. This is done by tying the end of each fuel rail together through a Bypass Fuel Regulator. The Regulated Return Kit also includes replacement Fuel Feed Lines (from the fuel filter to the cylinder heads) that replace the stock lines and banjo bolts with larger high flow units and eliminates the restrictive check valves.; The Primary benefit of the fuel regulated return kit is to SIGNIFICANTLY increase fuel flow "through" the heads, ensuring that each fuel injector has adequate fuel volume and pressure all the time (no more "Wide Open Throttle Pressure Drop"). If you want increased injector life and less injector noise...particularly if you are installing expensive new injectors (larger aftermarket), we HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kit to protect your investment!

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