6.7L 2007.5-2016 Performance Race Pistons (.020)

6.7L 2007.5-2016 Performance Race Pistons (.020)



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Model: 2007.5-2016 6.7L; Cummins PistonsFeatures: - Drop In Replacement - Complete W/ Rings, Wrist Pins And Clips - Available Coated or Un-Coated - Available in Std, .020 Sizes - Fly Cut with .100 Valve Reliefs Available - Thermal Barrier Coating For Piston Tops Available - Ceramic Piston Skirt Coating Available Fly Cut (valve relief): .100Flycuting is a machining Process we use to addPiston to valve Clearance, when using High lift camshaft.Chamfering:Our performance Cummins pistons are Chamfered(The top is tapered to help avoid swelling and Scuffing the Cylinder Wall.)Skirt and Top Coating:PDM���s Ceramic Piston Skirt Coating, is designedto be used, on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotatingor oscillating friction. This coating will carry loads in excess of 350,000 PSIas well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1600f. This coating combinesthe durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the ceramic lubricant.It is used in applications where high temperatures, high loads and high speedsare experienced. When higher temperatures, than most other types of coatingscan provide protection at, are experienced, this coating is fully capable ofcarrying the load. Gray in color it acquires a glass like finish in use. Curedfilm thickness of ���.001��� or less requires no change is piston clearance.PDM���s Thermal Barrier Coating for piston tops isdesigned for Performance engines running; Nitrous oxide, supercharged orTurbocharged. It creates a hard surface specifically designed for enginesrunning High volumes of fuel and/or high compression ratios. The thermalbarrier coating. Reduces part temperature. Keeps heat in combustion chamberlonger through the power stroke. Increase torque, H.P. and improved combustionchamber efficiency.

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